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Johan Tasanko

Johan Tasanko


Johan played his first season 1999-2000. During the 5 seasons he has spent with SC Saragoza he has played 42 games, scored 9 goals, assisted on 4 and spent 4 minutes in the penaltybox.


The earliest goal Johan has scored came 09:16 (12.12.1999 KaKo-SC Saragoza 8-8) into the game, and the latest goal he has scored came at 44:53 (17.02.2001 SC Saragoza-REDY 11-5). In one single game, his scoring record is 1 goals (02.03.2002 SC Saragoza-OuHu 5-4), and he has a record of giving 1 assists (14.12.2002 SC Saragoza-St Imps 3-9). The record for points is 1 and he has spent a maximum of 2 minutes in the box in one game (30.01.2000 SC Saragoza-SBS Rupu 2-9). Johan has scored in 8 games, and assisted in 2 games, and produced points in 10 games. In addition to that, Johan has been penalized in 2 games.


Out of these goals he has scored 3 in the first period, 2 in the second period and 3 in the third period. The assists have been given accordingly: 2 in the first period, 0 in the second period and 0 in the third period. The points have distributed themselves in the following way: In the first period he has produced 5 points, whereas he has produced 2 points in the second period and 3 points in the third period. The penalties have been handed out to Johan accordingly: 1 in the first period, 1 in the second period and 0 in the third.

Finnish Floorball Federation statistics

In one season (Finnish Floorball Federation games only) he has recorded 16 appearances, scored 3 goals, given 2 assists and spent 4 minutes in the penaltybox.

aurinkoliiga statistics

The stats for Aurinkoliiga are presented here below. In one season, the most games he has played in Aurinkoliiga is 2, where he has scored 2 goals, assisted on 1 and spent 0 minutes in the box.

practice games statistics

Throughout the years, a lot of practice games have been played, corresponding stats for these games are presented here. The record for games played during one season that Johan has played is 1, where he has scored 0 goals, assisted on 0 goals and spent 0 minutes in the penaltybooth.


Statistics according to category

SSBL37 7+3=1040.270.11
Aurinkoliiga4 2+1=300.750.00
Practice games1 0+0=000.000.00
Total42 9+4=1340.310.10

Statistics per season

2002-20034 0+2=200.500.00
2001-200220 4+0=400.200.00
2000-20012 2+2=402.000.00
1999-200016 3+0=340.190.25
Total42 9+4=1340.310.10

Statistics per season and category

2002-2003SSBL2 0+1=100.500.00
2002-2003Aurinkoliiga2 0+1=100.500.00
2001-2002SSBL4 0+0=000.000.00
2001-2002SSBL13 2+0=200.150.00
2001-2002Aurinkoliiga2 2+0=201.000.00
2001-20021 0+0=000.000.00
2000-2001SSBL2 2+2=402.000.00
1999-2000SSBL16 3+0=340.190.25
Total42 9+4=1340.310.10

Pictures of Johan

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